Rights and duties of patients | Корпоративный фонд "University Medical Center"

1. According to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 18, 2009 No. 193-IV “On the health of the people and the healthcare system”, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the right to:

  1. obtaining a guaranteed amount of free medical care in accordance with the list approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. provision of medicines and medical products within the guaranteed volume of free medical care;
  3. free choice of a medical organization, high-quality and timely medical care;
  4. decent treatment in the process of diagnosis, treatment and care, respect for their cultural and personal values;
  5. medical care in a priority determined solely on the basis of medical criteria, without the influence of any discriminatory factors;
  6. support from family, relatives and friends, as well as ministers of religious associations;
  7. relief of suffering to the extent that the existing level of medical technologies allows it;
  8. getting information about the state of your health, the results of the examination, about prevention, diagnosis and methods of rehabilitation;
  9. gratuitous receipt of reliable information from state bodies, organizations and the attending physician within their competence on methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment of the disease and medical rehabilitation, clinical studies and factors affecting health;
  10. obtaining an independent opinion on the state of your health and holding a consultation;
  11. additional medical services in excess of the guaranteed volume of free medical care at the expense of own funds, funds of organizations, the voluntary insurance system and other non-prohibited sources;
  12. obtaining medical care abroad at the expense of budgetary funds in the presence of indications in the order determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  13. refusal to receive medical care, except in cases of patients who do not allow them to express their will (shock, comatose state), suffering from diseases that pose a danger to others, suffering from severe mental disorders;
  14. refusal to participate in the educational process carried out at the clinical base of the UMC Medical Center, as well as from the presence of third parties during medical and diagnostic procedures;
  15. non-disclosure of confidential information constituting a medical secret, except in specially specified cases;
  16. certificate of the fact of temporary disability with the issuance of a temporary disability sheet or a certificate of temporary disability;
  17. getting information about the paid services provided, the cost of paid services, as well as the procedure for their provision.
  18. compensation for damage caused to health by improper prescription and use of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment by medical workers;
  19. appeal of actions (inaction) of medical and pharmaceutical workers to a healthcare organization, a higher authority and (or) in court;
  20. application for the involvement of independent experts in case of disagreement with the conclusions of the state medical examination

The right of citizens to maternity protection is ensured:

  1. conducting medical examinations within the guaranteed volume of free medical care, dynamic monitoring and rehabilitation of women of reproductive age;
  2. treatment for medical reasons of the main diseases that directly affect the reproductive health of women and the health of the child, upon admission to the hospital for the care of a sick child.

2. In accordance with the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 18, 2009 No. 193-IV “On the health of the people and the health care system”, Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan are obliged to:

  1. take care of maintaining your health;
  2. take measures to preserve and strengthen your health;
  3. observe the regime and internal regulations, take care of the property of the medical organization, cooperate with the medical staff when receiving medical care;
  4. undergo preventive medical examinations in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of healthcare;
  5. follow the prescriptions of medical workers related to individual and public health;
  6. observe precautionary measures to protect your own health and the health of others, undergo examination and treatment at the request of medical organizations, inform medical personnel about your illness in case of infectious diseases and diseases that pose a danger to others.
  7. show respect and tact in dealing with medical professionals;
  8. inform the doctor of all the information necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
  9. after giving consent to medical intervention, strictly follow all the instructions of the attending physician;
  10. timely inform medical workers about changes in their health status during diagnosis and treatment, as well as in cases of diseases that pose a danger to others, or are suspected of them;
  11. do not commit actions that violate the rights of other patients.

3. It is prohibited on the territory of the CF “UMC”:

  1. drink alcoholic beverages, use narcotic drugs, psychotropic and toxic substances;
  2. appear in a state of alcoholic, narcotic and toxic intoxication;
  3. smoking, as well as using an open fire;
  4. stay in the building of the UMC Sports complex in outerwear, without changing shoes (shoe covers);
  5. carry and store outerwear and shoes in the wards;
  6. freely walk around other wards, boxes and departments.
  7. talk loudly, make noise;
  8. use mobile communication when you are at a doctor’s appointment, during procedures, manipulations, examinations;
  9. dispose of garbage, waste in an unintended place for this purpose;
  10. independently adjust the heating system devices;
  11. leave unattended switched-on electrical appliances;
  12. use household electric boilers;
  13. leave personal belongings unattended (documents, money, gold jewelry, cell phones, etc.);
  14. enter and leave personal vehicles on the territory of the CF “UMC”, which prevents the movement of official transport.
  15. bring and eat foods and beverages that are not included in the List of those allowed for use in the UMC CF, use the services of the food delivery service;
  16. leave the department independently without the permission of the attending physician or the head of the department, in violation of the established procedure;
  17. use pyrotechnic devices (firecrackers, fireworks, firecrackers)on the territory of the UMC CF;
  18. carry firearms and cold weapons, chemical and explosive substances and other objects and means, the presence of which the visitor has or their use (use) may pose a threat to the safety of others;
  19. have large-sized items with you (including. shopping bags, tourist backpacks, duffel bags, suitcases, etc.);
  20. photography, audio, video recording, audio, video and radio broadcasting of events held in the UMC KF is allowed only with the permission of the UMC KF management.

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