Treatment through insurance companies | Корпоративный фонд "University Medical Center"

Treatment through insurance companies

Request from a patient – an UMC partner insurance company customer:

When applying from an insurance company which is an UMC partner, you need to:

  1. Get a referral from a partner insurance company representative (assistance).

Names of services in the referral must comply strictly with the UMC price list and a range of services, specified in the Agreement between UMC and the partner company.

  • Come for an appointment, no later than 15 minutes before the appointed time.

You must have a personal identity document, a referral from the partner company, a health insurance card (a policy).


Pay attention to the services included in your service package. Beyond this package, a patient is to pay the price difference.

The following insurance companies are the partners of Corporate Fund “University Medical Center”:

AP Companies Global Solutions LTD

LLP “Medical Assistance Group”

LLP “SBS med Assistance”


JSC “MSK Archimedes” (Sinoasia B&R)

JSC “Kazakh Corporation of Health and Medical Insurance Interteach

LLP “Interteach МА”

JSC “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” branch “Halyk” Insurance Company”

LLP “Mediker”

JSC “Oil Insurance Company”

LLP “Samal Medical Assistance”

LLP «ME «Ganex Medical»

LLP «SOS Kazakhstan»

JSC «Gas Industry Insurance Company (JSC «SOGAZ»)