Mission and vision | Корпоративный фонд "University Medical Center"

Mission and vision


UMC will seek to provide high-quality medical care, move towards financial sustainability by introducing the model of the integrated academic medical center including education, research and clinical practice and generating scientific achievements and innovations to provide superiority in providing patient-oriented and family-oriented medical assistance.


UMC will become the leader in the improvement and modernization of health care in Kazakhstan by creating an integrated academic medical center which will serve as a model and gold standard of high-quality and effective patient service in the country and the entire region from a medical and economic standpoint.

Strategic goals

GOAL 1. Outstanding quality and innovations in providing patient-oriented and family-oriented medical assistance;

GOAL 2. Financial sustainability;

GOAL 3. Outstanding quality in the field of medical science, education and practical training of health care specialists;

GOAL 4. Integration of medical care, research and education activities;

GOAL 5. Efficient system of corporate management.