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Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) programmes are proveded at UMC’s hospitals as well as in external sites by visiting MDs : CPD programmes, master classes, workshops, internships, training sessions.

CPD are provided in groups and individually in sites, using distance and semi-distance learning tools supported by IT technologies.

Training is aimed for healthcare professionals in surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, oncology, paediatrics and therapy.

The lecturers are highly qualified specialists, doctors and candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category with experience in practice and teaching, trained in leading Academic healthcare centers of the world.

UMC educational services:

> 200 educational events are held annually > 250 clinician conduct high-quality lessons  > 2000  specialists are trained annually 

In addition, UMC doctors are the authors of the following educational programmes, which are recognized as intellectual property:

Distance education

At UMC, distance learning courses are conducted by means of Moodle e-learning system which provides an opportunity to place various materials for independent learning and knowledge assessment: text, audio and video files, presentations and web-pages, tests, tasks, questionnaires, forums and much more.

By taking distance learning courses, you have the opportunity to access a full range of in-service training material using modern information technologies.

The advantages of distance learning:

  • reduced costs of learning (apartment rent, travel to the place of learning, etc.);
  • reduced time of training (travel time, absence at job place);
  • flexibility in learning (time, place and duration of lessons);
  • improved quality of education by using innovative educational technologies.

We offer you to take the following distance, blended learning courses (update sectors here):

  • Role of midwives in the organization of perinatal care 
  • Effective perinatal care 
  • General nursing technologies with a course of paramedic assistance 
  • Extragenital pathology during pregnancy and gynaecological diseases 
  • Emergency surgery during the child’s infancy 
  • Neonatal surgery
  • Operative hysteroscopy in the area of gynaecology 

Also, we can arrange a distance learning course on topics you require.


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Anesthesiology and intensive care, surgery


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Pediatrics and laboratory medicine, Internal medicine, nuclear medicine





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