TO CORPORATE CLIENTS | Корпоративный фонд "University Medical Center"


For legal entities – working partners of Corporate Fund «University Medical Center»

Request for a commercial offer

To receive a commercial offer, please, submit a request electronically to the e-mail address Request template:

«We are asking you to provide a commercial offer for medical services (number of employees – ___, including ___ men, ____ women)

Наименование услугиОбъем
(кол-во услуг)
Необходимый период оказания услуги
1Экспертиза профессиональной пригодности профпатологом. Медицинский осмотрМужчины / женщины
2Осмотр врачей специалистов комиссии. Медицинский осмотр. ТерапевтМужчины / женщины
3Осмотр врачей специалистов комиссии. Медицинский осмотр. НевропатологМужчины / женщины
4Осмотр врачей специалистов комиссии. Медицинский осмотр. ГинекологМужчины / женщины

*service description is to be specified in strict compliance with the price list.

The period for agreeing upon and signing the commercial offer is up to 5 (five) working days.

The commercial offer is sent to the electronic mail.

Price list

To learn about the current price list of Corporate Fund «University Medical Center», please, follow the link

The delivery of the examination results

The results of the examination of clients – UMC partners who concluded the agreement on laboratory service.

UMC provides the access to the personal account on the portal where the examination results of clients, UMC partners, can be uploaded.

Extension / renegotiation / termination of the Agreement

If modification is required (extension of the term, change in details, changes in the price list, etc.) in the agreement or it is necessary to terminate the agreement, please, submit your request to the e-mail address

Proposals for the work of Centers

In case you have proposals for the work of Centers, please, send them to

For legal entities – potential partners of Corporate Fund «University Medical Center»

Attach the Agreement Templates (for laboratory service, for a full price list, for medical examination, for rehabilitation service)

If you wish to become the partner of Corporate Fund «University Medical Center», please, download an appropriate draft agreement, study it and fill in the information about your organization, signatory, details and other data (all required fields are highlighted).

Send us the following:

  • a completed draft agreement;
  • constituent documents (Charter, certificate of state registration);
  • documents for power of authorized signature (Charter / order of appointment / power of attorney / ID card (for sole proprietors);
  • specify the services for which an agreement is going to be concluded (full list of services / specific list – specify names from the price list of Corporate Fund «University Medical Center»;
  • contact details of a person who is responsible for the conclusion of the agreement by the customer;
  • the customer’s address (postcode, country, city, street, building, office, contact person) for sending original documents.

*for foreign embassies, the list of documents should be clarified from the contacts specified below.

The period for agreeing upon and signing the agreement (in case a full package of documents is provided) is up to 7 (seven) working days.

After signing the agreement, original documents are sent (by courier / by registered mail) for the second party to sign. It is necessary to sign it and return a copy of the Fund’s agreement within 7 (seven) working days, otherwise the Agreement is considered cancelled.

After receiving the copy of the Fund’s agreement, it is to be scanned and sent to responsible persons in Centers. Since this moment, an access to service is open for your patients.

For physical persons – clients of the partner of Corporate Fund «University Medical Center»

If you submit a request from the UMC partner, you need to:

  1. Receive a referral from the representative of a partner company.

The name of the service in the referral must strictly comply with the UMC price list and a range of services, specified in the Agreement between UMC and a partner company.

  • Come for an appointment, no later than 15 minutes before the appointed time.

You must have a personal identity document, a referral from a partner company.

Contact details of the division of the conclusion of agreements with corporate clients:

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