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Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge for doctor’s advice?
Can I attend an appointment on a first-come-first-served basis?
How can I make an appointment?
I made an appointment, but I can’t attend. What should I do?
Contact Center working hours
Doctor’s timetable
I underwent examination (consultation/treatment) at your center, but lost the documents about its results. How can I restore them?
Do you have discounts, benefits?
I have a suggestion/thanks/complaint, where can I send it?
I have a complaint. How can I get an official response?
How much do you charge for prenatal care?
What is included in the “Prenatal care” program?
Can I pay only for Maternity School classes?
Childbirth at your center. What I need?
What are wards for birthing mother?
In which cases is anesthesia used in childbirth?
In which cases is quota given for childbirth?
Are relatives allowed in postnatal wards?
What analysis does the patient need for hospitalization?
Should I arrive in advance?
My child comes to your center at inpatient department. Is it possible to stay there together?
My child comes to your center at inpatient department. Are there any hotels nearby?
How can I receive a quota?
Can I get a paid MRI inspection without referral from a doctor?
How can I receive a quota for PET inspection?
Do you work with insurance companies?
I have medical insurance policy. What should I do to use it in your Center?
What time can I do tests?
How can I get test results?
Do you give consultation after receiving test results?
Do I need a referral for delivery of medical tests?
What tests should be done on an empty stomach?
How to get medical examination?
How can company conclude an agreement for employees to have a medical examination?
Can I make fluorography at your Center?
What children's doctors work at your Center?

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