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While crossing the border, many countries and airlines require a negative PCR test for COVID‑19. This guide will allow you to prepare for your trip.

  • Check the embassy’s website for the rules * regarding the testing for COVID-19 in the country of arrival and check with the airline if testing is required to be admitted on board.
  • If you are heading to the EAEU countries that participate in the system (application) “Travel without COVID-19”, after receiving the research result, the first QR-code will be generated, which confirms the research result from the «University Medical Center» Corporate Found. To display the result in the “Travel without COVID-19” application, it will sent for verification to the National Center for Expertise (NCE) and after a while (from 1 minute to 1‑2 hours) after confirmation of the result by NCE, you can get the result from reception or via the website where the result with 2 QR-codes will be displayed.
  • Non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan will receive confirmation results from NCE again by e-mail. (The second QR code for the “Travel COVID-19 Free” application)
  • Be sure to indicate the data of your passport or identity card. This information will be displayed as a result of the analysis in three languages ​​(Kazakh, Russian, English).

After receiving a laboratory test result, check the correctness of the data.



+7 (775) 007-84-91 (helpline is for complaints and suggestions)

*To the attention of patients! A responsible approach to observing the procedure for obtaining the results of a PCR test will ensure that you can easily present the result at the place of request and continue your stay in the visited countries



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