For the first time in Kazakhstan, a cross-kidney transplant was performed for children. | Корпоративный фонд "University Medical Center"

On July 8, 2022, the first cross-kidney transplantation in Kazakhstan to children was performed simultaneously in 4 operating rooms at the University Medical Center Corporate Foundation. The donors were mothers of children.

The operation, unique for the country, lasted several hours. The following leading surgeons of the republic took part in it: Ainakulov A., Imanberdiev Zh., Abdimazhitov B., Taszhurekov A., Kuttimuratov G. and medical operating nurses Falk I., Medarova Zh., Esembekova K., Kazbakova G.

The essence of cross organ transplantation is as follows:

if a related donor does not suit the patient for medical reasons, another family of the patient and the donor with the same problem is selected. If the donor of one family is compatible with the patient of another family and vice versa, the organ transplant will be successfully performed. Thanks to the widespread practice of cross-organ transplantation, many times more human lives can be saved.

Colossal, highly professional work has been done on the preparation and conduct of operations. We thank all the specialists who took part in this operation. We wish you success and further fruitful work as part of a cohesive, established team.