National Children’s Rehabilitation Center makes a huge contribution to the development of the rehabilitation service in Kazakhstan | Корпоративный фонд "University Medical Center"

Today the Chairman of the Board of «University Medical Center» Corporate Fund Yuriy Pya visited National Children’s Rehabilitation Center, which is part of the Fund.

During his visit to the Center, the Chairman got acquainted with the work of the neuropsychiatric departments, the laboratory of robotic rehabilitation, the Center for social and pedagogical rehabilitation, the departments of physiotherapy and exercise therapy, the laboratory of modeling and orthotics.

During a conversation with the staff of the Center, Yuriy Pya noted the importance of further development and improvement of the quality of assistance provided through the introduction of advanced innovative technologies.

National Children’s Rehabilitation Center of «University Medical Center» Corporate Fund makes a huge contribution to the development of the rehabilitation service in Kazakhstan. A unified system of a multidisciplinary integrated model of rehabilitation of children with specific needs (medical, psychological, pedagogical, social) has been organized and implemented. For 13 years, tens of thousands of children have received rehabilitation at the Center. Many of them have learned to walk independently.

The Center trains personnel from all regions of the country in the course of neuropathology and rehabilitation, in correctional pedagogy and nursing, exercise therapy instructors and dietary nurses. As the main training base for medical organizations of the republic, providing rehabilitation assistance to the population, the Center is also a methodological center for the preparation of clinical protocols and guidelines for medical rehabilitation.

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