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Oncology Unit №3

The Department is equipped with 22 beds. Medical services are provided to patients from 0 to 18 years with solid malignant tumors.

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Medical technology

Modern methods of laboratory diagnostics, as well as immunohistochemical and cytogenetic study of tumor tissue, positron emission tomography, scintrigraphy of skeletal bones, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging are used in the diagnosis of malignant tumors. Treatment of cancer is carried out according to international treatment protocols, which includes high-dose chemotherapy with bone marrow autotransplantation. Surgical treatment of children is carried out with the participation of highly qualified oncologists-surgeons, traumatologists and orthopedists. Care for patients in the hospital is carried out by qualified nurses, a psychologist works. During the entire period of stay in the Department, children are under the supervision of teachers-educators, who organized the educational process in the main subjects.

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