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Endoscopy Department

The endoscopy Department (ED) is part of the UMC CF, based in the NSCMC polyclinic, block A, 1st floor. In the endoscopy Department (ED) a wide range of diagnostic endoscopic studies, therapeutic manipulations is carried out on the most modern equipment of the world leaders of flexible endoscopy, such as Olympus, Karl Storz, Pentax. In the presence of indications, as well as at the request of the patient, endoscopic procedures are carried out under medical sedation (intravenous anesthesia).

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Medical technology

The Department is equipped to provide services to patients of all age groups (starting from the newborn period). In the Arsenal of the Department include ultra-thin endoscopes diameter (neonatal esophagogastroscopy, colonoscopes, bronchoscopes). Automatic treatment (disinfection) of endoscopic equipment, instruments is carried out in accordance with international standards JCI, sanepidnorm MH RK in washing plants (Gonson et Gonson) using world-famous disinfectants (Clindesin, etc.), with additional disinfection by ultraviolet rays.

Additional Information

The Department is engaged in scientific and educational work with training cycles of improvement of doctors from regions and transfer of services