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Chief Nursing Officer

  • Participation in the training CARMAT• – Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Paris, France (9Ol7)
  • Received training Preparation and participation in heart transplantation•’ – Telaviv. Israel J9OTS)
  • Seminar introduction of the theories Moira Allen, Linda Aiken, Patricia Benner in the development of nursing›•- Astana, iiazakhstan (SOISJ
  • «Health Managers• Duke University – USA,.Durham {9OI4J
  • International School ..Kaplan›. – Washington, USA (2OU)
  • «A new paradigm for the development of nursing: from evidence to actinn• – Lithuania, Kaunas (FOl2)
  • JCI Workshop «Irifeciión Control», .iTospital. Standnd», .‹Use of Qualitative Methods in the Sphere of Health Care• – Aslana,
  • «Heart Wansplantation and implantation of an artificiaJ left ventricIe•› Vilnius University Clinic «Santa Rishkiu•. Republic of Lithu*nia (SOUJ
  • Took part in the Russian conference with international participation “Topical issues of hospital-acquired infecñon in siirJ;er . Methods, inñovative ways to solve them in treatmeñt and prevention institutions “ Russia (2014)
  • Participation in the Jst scientific arid practical conference of young scientists and specialists in cardiosuégery – Astana, Raza£bitan
  • Participation in the regional training seminar “Donation and oégan transplantatiñn. Transplant coordination “- Astana, Kazakhstan (YOU)
  • Participation in the Xi ”International Scientific and Practical
    Conference of Operational Nurses”, Moscow, Russia {flOlO)
  • Specialized training “Ethics and deontology” (£014)
  • Surgical training “Installation of an artihcial lefi ventrirle
    HeartMateHI” – Astana, Kazakhstan {£014)
  • Thematic course ’Modern issues of nursing service’ – Astana, Kazakhstan (SOIL)
  • Surgical training “Installation of an artificial lefi ventricI
    HeartMateU“ University clinic of Freiburg, Germany (POH)
  • Member of the Kazakhstan Nurses Association
  • Specialization – Elder aister and her reserves, Syzganov NCP, Almaty (2000)
  • Specialization sister of medical equipment Carl Storz,  Syzganov NCS, Almaty tROO2)

Honors & Awards

  • Breastplate Honored worker of public health services of the Republic of Kazakfistan
  • Medal For professional merit. For seldess and noble work, devotion and love to zñedirine of Kazahhstan•
  • Diploma «For special mérits in the matter of public health protection» of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Diploma •For conscientious work, active work and greatcontribution to the development of the health rare system••
  • A letter of gratitude from •‹Nazarbayev University•• and National Medical Holding••
  • A letter of gratitude For organizing and holding the II National Congress of Cardiac Suzgi•ons on a highly professional level“
  • Medal Shapagat


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