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About us

The Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" was established in accordance with the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Autonomous Educational Organization "Nazarbayev University" dated from 20 September 2015 No. 20 on the basis of subsidiary organizations of the  “National Medical Holding” joint stock company(www.nmh.kz).

The Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" with a total capacity of 1026 hospital beds and 1000 outpatient visits in a shift has united five leading medical centers, including National Research Center for Maternal and Child Health, National Center for Children's Rehabilitation, Republican Diagnostic Center, National Scientific Center for Oncology and Transplantology, Kyzylorda branch of the Corporate Fund "University Medical Center".

Prior to joining the single cluster, all five medical organizations successfully completed the tasks assigned to them in transferring innovations to the regions of the country, introducing advanced medical technologies and internationally recognized standards of quality and safety of medical care (Joint Commission International). At the same time, the organizational and legal form of the Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" in the form of a non-profit organization has increased the importance of social orientation in the activities of medical organizations, including on improving the healthcare system in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as developing research and educational activities involving international Grants.

As part of the integrated academic healthcare system of Nazarbayev University, Corporate Fund “University Medical Center” attracts foreign specialists “mentors”  and organizes international master classes on the territory of its clinics to create a competitive generation of medical personnel, the development of modern protocols for diagnosis and treatment of rare, severe and neglected forms of diseases, as well as improving the quality of medical care.

The Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" pays special attention to compliance with the requirements of the international standards of quality and safety of medical care of the Joint Commission International, including by using methodologies of continuous quality improvement, further qualification of the medical personnel in leading medical organizations of the world, implementation of patient-oriented system of the  medical care provision based on the recommendations of mentors from Switzerland in the field of hospitality services.

Mission, vision, goals

Mission of the Corporate Fund "University Medical Center".
The Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" is an academic medical center providing a high level of medical care, taking into account the synergy of research, educational and clinical activities.

The main goal of the University Medical Center is to improve the health of the community through the integration of education, science and clinical practice.


To achieve recognition as the leading academic center for providing the best medical care in the country and beyond.
The Corporate Fund "University Medical Center" will become the benchmark in the field of:
• preparation of a competitive generation of medical and nursing staff;
• providing high-quality and patient-oriented care;
• introduction of advanced medical technologies in clinical practice;
• corporate governance in health care.

Activity principles
The principles of activity determine the basic rules and standards of personnel behavior necessary for the successful implementation of the mission, vision and strategy of the Corporate Fund “University Medical Center”:

• patient-oriented and respectful attitude to the needs of patients and their family members;
• observance of high ethical and moral principles;
• introduction of advanced medical technologies in clinical practice;
• careful attitude to the resources of the organization and dedication in the performance of official duties;
• constant (continuous) aspiration for self-improvement;
• increasing the competitiveness of medical and nursing staff.

The Corporate Fund “University Medical Center” has united three innovative healthcare institutions located in Astana city: