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Science and education

General information

The priority strategic direction of UMC is the establishment of a center of advanced knowledge and experience, which requires successful synergy of scientific, educational and clinical activities. Scientific activities require academic freedom and creative approach to solving complex problems in the field of health care, taking into account the observance of ethical principles and the rights of patients. Educational activities place high demands on the teaching staff of the centers in terms of professional training and the availability of skills in using a problem-oriented approach in teaching students. Clinical activity requires the availability of skills and resources to provide a wide range of medical services involving highly qualified clinical personnel to diagnose and treat the most rare and complex diseases and conditions.

We are an innovation-oriented medical organization, competitive in the domestic and foreign market of medical, educational and innovative services.

Activities within the integrated academic health system of Nazarbayev University ensure the uniqueness of the services offered through:

  • cooperation with Nazarbayev University School of Medicine;

  • introduction of innovative medical and non-medical technologies on the basis of UMC centers as part of the program "Targeted contribution to the AOE "Nazarbayev University" and through the strategic partnership with the University Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC);

  • development of the mentoring institution with the involvement of foreign mentors, as well as the organization of master classes with the participation of leading foreign specialists;

  • implementation of modern educational forms and technologies for organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the introduction of advanced medical technologies in clinical practice in the regions;

  • implementation of postgraduate education programs (residency) based on UMC and others.

Coordination of educational, scientific and innovative activities of UMC is carried out by the Department of Science and Education.

Functions of the Department of Science and Education in the field of educational and scientific activities:

  • organization of training for UMC employees in accordance with the budget program 024 "Targeted contribution to the AOE "Nazarbayev University" and through the strategic partnership with UPMC within the framework of seminars, master classes, mentoring programs;
  • organization of training for residents on the basis of UMC centers as part of the implementation of the state order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • organization of advanced training and retraining programs for specialists from regions of the republic;
  • organization and coordination of scientific and innovation activities of UMC;
  • assistance in attracting domestic and international research and (or) innovation grants in the framework of budgetary and extra-budgetary funding;
  • participation in the coordination of work on the introduction / transfer / commercialization of scientific products and innovative technologies of UMC;
  • organization and participation in the training and implementation of international standards GCP, GcLP, GSP in the field of scientific management;
  • organization of scientific and practical medical conferences on the basis of UMC centers, including international, and much more.

Structure of the Department of Science and Education:

Director of the Department Alma Syzdykova

8 (717 2) 69 25 65 

Direction of the Department activities Full name Position
Transfer of technologies Saltanat Sapargaliyeva Senior manager 8 (717 2) 69 25 72 
Bagdagul Niyazbekova
Senior manager
8 (717 2) 69 24 52 
Saule Bekbossynova
Senior manager
8 (717 2) 69 24 91 
Postgraduate education (residency) Dariyana Kulmirzayeva
Senior manager
8 (717 2) 50 80 06 
Akbota Abildina
Senior manager
8 (717 2) 69 25 26 
Continuing education (advanced training and retraining programs) Zhanar Jaraspayeva
Senior manager
8 (717 2) 70 45 65 
Scientific activities Bakytgul Yermekbayeva Senior manager
8 (717 2) 69 24 71 
Indira Smagulova
Manager 8 (717 2) 69 25 86