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Science and education

General information

Activity in the integrated academic healthcare system of Nazarbayev University ensures the uniqueness of the proposed UMC educational activities (cycles of in-service training and retraining, seminars, master classes, internships, etc.) through: Cooperation with the School of Medicine of Nazarbayev University and the School of Nursing;

Introduction of innovative medical and non-medical technologies on the basis of the Foundation's clinics within the framework of the "Targeted contribution to AO Nazarbayev University" program and through a strategic partnership with the University Pittsburgh Medical Center;

The development of the mentoring institute with the involvement of foreign mentors, as well as the organization of master classes with the participation of leading foreign specialists;

Implementation of modern educational forms and technologies for third-party organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the introduction of advanced medical technologies in clinical practice in the regions;

Realization of programs of postgraduate education (residency) on the basis of UMC, etc.

Functions of the Department of Science and Education in the field of educational and scientific activity:

Organization of training for the UMC staff on 024 budget program "Targeted contribution to the development of Nazarbayev University" and through strategic partnership with UPMC within the framework of field seminars, master classes, mentoring;

Organization of training of resident trainees on the basis of branches of the CF "UMC" within the framework of the state order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Organization of training of specialists from the regions in the framework of the state order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 005 budget program;

Organization of commercial courses for advanced training and retraining for specialists from the regions of the republic;

Organization of training for the UMC employees within the framework of the integration of the UMC, the Nazarbayev University School of Medicine, and Nazarbayev University's "National LABORATORY ASTANA";

Organization of refresher courses for employees based on the CF "UMC" in order to confirm the category;

Organization and coordination of scientific and innovative activities of the CF "UMC";

Assistance in attracting domestic and international scientific and (or) innovative grants in the framework of budgetary and extrabudgetary funding;

Participation in the coordination of the work on the introduction / transfer / commercialization of scientific products and innovative technologies of the CF "UMC";

Organization and participation in the training and implementation of international standards GSP, GcLP, GSP in the field of scientific management;

Organization on the basis of branches of the CF "UMC" scientific and practical medical conferences, including international ones.

Contacts of Science and Education Department