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Primary Healthcare Center

Primary health care

Primary health care (PHC) is pre-medical or qualified medical care without round-the-clock medical supervision to the attached population, including a set of available medical services provided at the level of a person, family and society.

Primary health care is provided in the framework of statutory free medical assistance (SFMA) approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 15, 2009 No. 2136 (with amendments and additions as of January 27, 2014).

PHC Center of the Branch of the Corporate Foundation "University Medical Center". The Republican Diagnostic Center specializes in providing primary care to the population, which consists of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of diseases, taking into account physical, psychological and social factors, conducting screening studies of target populations, and training of the population to a healthy lifestyle.

Primary health care services are provided by general practitioners (GP) or district therapists, pediatricians, as well as feldshers, midwives, social workers and nurses. The newest high-tech equipment, experienced doctors and constant attention to the patients' problems make it possible to provide quality medical care at all stages of work: from diagnosis to performing medical manipulations.


Certification in accordance with international standards ISO 15 189: 2012 (laboratory service)

Key directions

  • Treatment of the most common diseases
  • Medical prevention of major diseases
  • Hygienic training of the population
  • Advocacy for safe water supply and nutrition
  • Vaccination and immunization
  • Screening studies of population target groups