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Лучевая диагностика

All types of X-ray and ultrasound examinations, ultra-high magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), high-resolution computed tomography, digital mammography are provided to our patients.

The center is equipped with unique medical equipment:

лучевая диагностика.jpg


- Ultra high-resolution MPT Magnetom Verio 3.0 Tesla (Siemens) - the only device in Kazakhstan;

- The digital X-ray mammography unit Mammomat Novation DR (Siemens) is one of two digital mammography units in Kazakhstan.

The uniqueness of the methods carried out by the department:

Multispiral X-ray computed tomography (40-slice) is for patients with chest, abdominal, retroperitoneal, pelvic organs diseases with bolus intravenous contrast. Computer tomography of the spine, osteoarticular system, and skull is supplemented by a volumetric reconstruction of the obtained images in three planes.

X-ray studies are mainly carried out on two digital devices, such as Axiom ICONOS R200 and Aristos, except for routine studies.

Special methods are being implemented, such as excretory urography, esophagus and stomach studies, which require special patient training.

The work of the mammographic examination room is organized according to the standard of foreign clinics: ultrasound examination of the mammary glands and mammography, breast biopsy under the supervision of ultrasound, a contrast study of the    lacteal gland, ductography, are conducted by roentgenologist.