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Медицинская реабилитация

Medical rehabilitation is a set of services aimed at preserving, partial or complete restoration of disturbed and (or) lost functions of the body of patients and invalids.

In medical rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, the following methods are distinguished:

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  • Kinesitherapy, which includes physical therapy, therapeutic exercises, massage, stretching, manual therapy, walking, running, training, swimming.

  • Spa therapy includes climatotherapy, phytotherapy, hydro, clay, and hardening.

  • Physiotherapy (hardware) - electro, photo, light, thermotherapy, ultrasound.

  • Mechanotherapy (hardware, recovery) - training, shell, game, wheelchair sports.

  • Reflexotherapy

  • Sociotherapy. Behavioral individual and group, family therapy, employment therapy (communication, hobbies, love and care for livestock).

  • Psychotherapy - auto-training, meditation, relaxation

  • Psychoanalysis

  • Drinking (mineral water, juices), vegetarianism, raw food, separate food.

  • Spiritual therapy - restoration with the help of music, books, painting and other kinds of art.

In our center, we use a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, in which professional doctors from various fields participate: physiotherapists, oculists, exercise therapy instructors, occupational therapists, psychologists, defectologists, speech therapists etc.

Modern technologies today allow individual approach to each patient. Due to the correctly established diagnosis, the optimal treatment methods achieve timely rehabilitation of patients.

Doctors of the Center aspire to recover as soon as possible to their patients after the trauma or surgery, to give them a sense of freedom of movement and the opportunity to communicate with surrounding people, friends, relatives and colleagues without any restrictions.