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Branch of Corporate Fund “University Medical Center” Republic Diagnostic Center capacity of 500 visits per shift.

The center specialised in providing consultative and diagnostic medical assistance to adults and children with the use of the latest technologies and evidence-based medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


The first ambulatory medical organization in the CIS countries, certified by the international accreditation commission JCI (Joint Commission International)

The largest laboratory center in Kazakhstan for a range of laboratory studies (more than 500 species)

Certification in accordance with international standards ISO 15 189: 2012 (laboratory service)

The first medical organization in Kazakhstan equipped with PET / CT and SPECT

It is the holder of the prestigious award "Leader of Kazakhstan 2013" and "Industry Leader 2015" following the results of the National Business Rating of the enterprises-leaders of economy of Kazakhstan, CIS and the Customs Union for significant contribution to the development of public health and economy of Kazakhstan, the establishment of high standards of production activity, social protection and implementation Advanced technologies.

Key directions

Consultations on 46 kinds of specialties.

Laboratory diagnostics in all directions.

Nuclear medicine (PET / CT, SPECT).

Inpatient replacement care. ("Surgery of one day" - ophthalmic surgery, ENT, general surgery, mammology, urology, gynecology, proctology).

Radiation diagnosis (MRI (3 Tesla), CT, etc.).

Ultrasonic and functional diagnostics.

Endoscopic diagnostics.


3 Baitursynova str., block B1, Almaty region, Astana city,.


· 5 major scientific projects were implemented.

• 32 innovative technologies were introduced.

• The number of patients treated by unique medical services (PET, SPECT / CT) - 9,353.

• Annually more than 1 million laboratory tests.



2 Syganak str., Astana city, Republic of Kazakstan