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Director of the Women`s Health Department

Purpose of the job

Clinical Academic Department of the University Medical Center Corporate Fund (hereinafter - the CAD) comprises physicians and researchers in the field of Women`s Health (Obstetrics & Gynecology, Neonatology) implementing the following activities:
• provision of medical care in accordance with national and international standards,
• development and implementation of new medical technologies;
• implementation of educational programs, including in cooperation with Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (the NUSOM);
• conducting scientific and clinical studies, in collaboration with other CADs, Schools and Research Laboratories of Nazarbayev University and other scientific and clinical organizations in the country;
• provision of organizational, methodological and advisory assistance to other regions of the country.

Director of the CAD is responsible for 

1) strategic planning, monitoring and guidance;
2) efficient day-to-day operations of the CAD;
3) ensuring the high quality of clinical, educational and research activities within the CAD;
4) efficient collaboration with other structural units of the Fund;

Education level and Specialization

• Candidate should possess a degree in General Medicine (or Pediatrics),
• Medical specialization in Obstetrics & Gynecology and/or Neonatology,
• Advanced medical degree or additional degree in Public Health,
Business Administration, Healthcare Management or Management would be an advantage,
• Education obtained at Universities with English as language of instruction is preferable.

Work Experience

Candidate must meet one of the following requirements:
• Relevant work experience not less than 10 years, including at least 5 years
at managerial positions.
• Work experience similar to the functions of the CAD Director in public
sector or at Nazarbayev University and / or in its organizations.
Work experience in international medical organizations would be an advantage.

Core Competencies 

CAD Director should know: legislative and other regulatory and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the area of financial, economic activities of the medical organizations, regulatory and methodological documents on the organization of medical care, requirements of international standards of the Joint Commission International.

Candidate should possess professional knowledge of the:
1) national and international standards of medical care according to the CAD profile;
2) national and international standards of quality and safety of medical care according to the CAD profile;

Candidate should possess good knowledge of the statistical analysis and information technology and have other competencies required for efficient organization of medical care, implementation of new medical technologies, clinical protocols, and development of the standard operating procedures, educational activities, research and commercialization of research outputs.


Good command of English and Russian (sufficient for implementation of duties, daily interaction with patients, colleagues and management).

Detailed CV and other documents should be sent to hr@umc.org.kz no later than COB February 11, 2019


Возврат к списку

Резюме отправлять по адресу: hr@umc.org.kz
Дополнительную информацию можете получить по телефону: +7(7172) 69-24-57